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7 Candy Cocktails To Get Your Weekend Going

If you've seen over on our Facebook page, we've been sharing recipes of candy cocktails every Friday evening to get you in the mood for the weekend. We wanted to share a couple more candy cocktails with you because, you can never have enough! 1. Butterfinger Martini via Grin and Bake it Love Butterfingers? Take it to [...]

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cakes

Are you looking to make your haul of American sweets go further? On Taffy Mail Unwrapped – the blog of the UK’s only rolling American candy subscription service – we provide ways of making the contents of your box of candy last even longer! This month's Taffy Mail Extra contains a generous helping of Reese's [...]

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5 EPIC Ice Cream Sandwiches You HAVE To Make!

It's Summer! That can only mean one thing - ice cream! We wanted to share these epic ice cream sandwiches with you so you can enjoy the Summer, the American way! So, grab your baking tray and that tub of ice cream, and let's get making! Number three is on out top priority list! Who [...]

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Taffy Mail – July 2015

About this Month Twinkies were one of the most requested American candy items for our Extra box since we started the plus-size box of deliciousness! July was the month that we delivered! We also brought back Nerds across all 3 boxes - this time the more elusive Surf N Turf flavour (featuring blue raspberry and tropical [...]

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M&Ms Flavours: A Comprehensive Gallery of M&Ms Varieties

Originating from the United Stated in 1941, M&M's are now sold in as many as 100 countries! From plain milk chocolate to strawberried peanut butter, there are a lot of M&M flavours out there! It wasn't until 1980 when the small colourful chocolates made their way on to shelves across Europe with only the plain [...]

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12 American Cereal Recipes You Can Eat For Dessert!

You may not be aware of it, but Taffy Mail also sells cereals - they can often be found in the Taffy Mail Extra size! But what do you do with them when they arrive?! Here are some great American cereal recipes, along with some great ideas that involve English cereals and American candy! 1. Rice Krispies Pinwheels [...]

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Awesome 4th July Recipes To Celebrate Independence Day

If you're hosting a 4th July party this year, we've got your back with dessert! Take a look at these awesome 4th July recipes and feel inspired. If you've found another 4th July recipe that you'd like us to add to the list, let us know! 1. American Flag Donuts           [...]

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DIY Store Bought Foods With These American Recipes

Have you ever walked around the supermarkets and spotted products we sell in the UK that remind you of American store bought items? We know we have! From Well, instead of dreaming about those American products, why not go all out and recreate them at home? We've found some American recipes that will help you [...]

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