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Taffy Mail: A Fun And Unusual Fathers Day Present

Fathers Day presents! So it's that time of year again. What do I buy Dad? What would make an amazing gift? Well, if you're searching for an unusual or unique Fathers Day present to give to your Dad this year, Taffy Mail is just the thing!                     [...]

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Nestlé Butterfinger: Crispety, Crunchety Candy Bar Facts

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger! From its creation to today, the Butterfinger remains a popular American candy bar. Created by one company and now produced by another, here are some rather interesting facts about the delicious candy! Chocolate-covered with a crunchy peanut-butter and caramel-flavoured centre, this mix of crunchy mouth-drooling goodness [...]

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14 Ingenious Recipes That Take Oreos To A Whole New Level

Please don’t blame us if you end up drooling on to your keyboard! 1. Oreos Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bars via Chelsea’s Messy Apron Ready in under an hour! Can we wait that long? I don’t think so! 2. Funfetti Golden Oreo Fudge via Sally’s Baking Addiction Smooth and creamy and topped with sprinkles. [...]

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7 American Foods That Are Bizarre To Foreigners

When it comes to food, America has a pretty bad reputation. From colourful packaging to interesting ingredients, the US has it all. From reindeer hot dogs in Alaska to the many chains of fast-food restaurants, there’s no wonder the US is sometimes seen as ‘the fattest nation’. But it’s not just the crazy hot dogs [...]

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Subscription Boxes: What Are They And How Do They Work?

‘What on Earth is a subscription box?!’ We hear you cry! We’re guessing you’re here because you like American sweets and you have no idea what a subscription box is, no? Well, have no fear, we’re going to explain what a subscription box is and what you can expect from us, here at Taffy Mail [...]

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5 Amazing Food World Records You Can Attempt At Home

American sweets. They're just that little bit more fun that those in the UK! That's why we started this subscription box, to share how fun these treats are. To take the fun to the extreme, here are five amazing American sweets/food world records you can attempt to break at home. If you do attempt these, [...]

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A Sweet American Candy Subscription Allows You To Enjoy The Finest American Sweets

Everything is bigger and brighter in America and even though there is a great influx of American products in the United Kingdom, you can’t get your hands on everything. When you think about the size of America, and the size of the UK, we just can’t handle the level of choice and diversity of products [...]

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Nutter Butter

Information A deliciously savoury-sweet peanut butter filling sandwiched between two tasty cookies shaped and textured like big peanuts, that's Nabisco Nutter Butter cookies for you. Nutritional Information per serving per package Servings 1 1 Weight 53g 53g Carbohydrates 37g 37g of which sugars 16g 16g Fat 10g 10g of which saturates [...]

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Sour Razzles

Information Sour Razzles, the sour chewy candy that turns into chewing gum! Nutritional Information per serving per package per 100g Servings 2 22 57 Weight 3.5g 40g 100g Carbohydrates 3g 34.3g 85.7g of which sugars 3g 34.3g 85.7g Fat 0g 0g 0g Sodium 0mg 0mg 0mg Calories 15 171 429 [...]

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Wonka Strawberry Watermelon Kazoozles

Information Like the British "pencils", Wonka Strawberry Watermelon Kazoozles are filled on the inside - but these have a lot stronger flavour. They are "delickoricious" chewy strawberry ropes with watermelon flavour filling. Nutritional Information per serving per package Servings 4 4 Weight 51g 51g Carbohydrates 43g 43g of which sugars 29g [...]

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