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Twinkies were one of the most requested American candy items for our Extra box since we started the plus-size box of deliciousness! July was the month that we delivered! We also brought back Nerds across all 3 boxes – this time the more elusive Surf N Turf flavour (featuring blue raspberry and tropical fruit punch flavours – yum!). But we weren’t done there – on top of all of the other amazing American candy, we also added an American-only version of Milky Way into the mix, the fantastic marshmallow Milky Way.


July 2015 American Candy Lite


July 2015 American Candy Classic


American Candy Subscription Taffy Mail Extra

Taffy Mail Lite

Taffy Mail Classic

Taffy Mail Extra


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  1. Ally January 25, 2017 at 12:30 am - Reply

    I hope in the February extra box you get gushers and the hot taki’s really want to try them cant get them in London ?

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