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You’re signing up to the Extra Subscription!

Taffy Mail is the UK’s only monthly American sweets subscription box service that delivers American sweets and treats, right to your door, every month! A subscription with Taffy Mail Extra is our biggest box filled with up to 20 popular American treats such as Reese’s and Hersheys. Each box also comes with at least one can of American soda, a perfect treat to finish off your box. As well as all these goodies, the Taffy Mail Extra box comes with at lease one premium item such as Twinkies, cereal or big packs of Oreos, for example. With every box loaded with a variety of flavours, you’re sure to receive something new and exciting every month!

  • Surprise selection of American treats
  • At least one 355ml can of American soda
  • Premium items such as Twinkies, cereal or big packs of Oreos
  • Cancel your subscription anytime, without hassle.

Please note: you will not be charged until the 1st of each month.

Jun 2015 American Candy Extra