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American candy has always been extremely popular. Children in America are spoiled for choice, with local candy stores and retail stores offering hundreds of types of candy and chocolate for the everyday consumer. Brightly coloured American candy has peaked the interest of people everywhere.

Reese’s Pieces

One of the most popular candies in the Reese’s repertoire must be their Reese’s Pieces. Reese’s Pieces are easy to eat, colourful, and available in a range of container sizes – from small packs to sharing bags and cups.


These colourful pieces of candy are typically associated with the old Willy Wonka brand that came and went several years ago. Rainbow Nerds, especially, still carry the Wonka branding. Thanks to their colouring and texture, they’re usually compared to rock candy.

Mike & Ike

The Mike & Ike Megamix is an assorted fruit candy. 10 wonderful, fruity flavours are packed into a travel-sized box. Flavours include orange, cherry, lime, strawberry, and lemon – among others! There are, of course, other variations of Mike & Ike available.

Hershey’s Cookie & Creme

Hershey’s is perhaps the one American chocolate company that everyone has heard of. It’s everywhere, from corner shops to supermarkets. You’ve probably seen the small bar of Cookie & Creme everywhere, even if you’ve never thought to pick it up and try it. If you’re a fan of white chocolate, this chocolate bar is for you.


A candy-coated chocolate that can be found in many flavours and sizes. M&Ms are so popular that they have their own merchandise and a huge shop dedicated to them in London. M&Ms have been available in original, peanut butter, and crispy for years, but you can also find them in more uncommon flavours; such as pretzel and caramel.

Milk Duds

Caramel covered in milk chocolate. This particular candy gets its name from the amount of milk used in their making, alongside the fact that the manufacturers have never managed to get the perfect round shape they craved from the treat. They’ve been around for almost 100 years, and they’re still popular.

Jolly Ranchers

The Jolly Ranchers brand is expansive. What started out as a company that mainly sold hard candies has developed into a brand recognised for its brightly coloured confectionery and fun-coloured soda cans.

Life Savers

A range of ring-shaped candies that come in mint and fruit flavours; Life Savers are easily identified by their foil-wrapped shape. Originally, these hard candies were sold in cardboard rolls, but they weren’t very successful.


Though Skittles were first made by a company in Britain, their iconic “Taste the rainbow” slogan was created by New York’s own D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles; an ad agency with a flair for the creative. America started producing their own skittles in 1982. Every now and then, limited editions of skittles become available.


Snickers are produced by American company Mars Inc., and the ads that have advertised this chocolate bar over the past decade have always been memorable. Some special snickers bars have been flavoured with peanut butter, almond, and white chocolate.