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2020 is well under way at this point, and there are plenty of delicious treats coming to an American candy store or subscription box service near you! From new KitKats to surprising flavour changes, this list is full of delightful news about the newest candies on the block. Some of these treats are already available to buy!

Coca-Cola Tic-Tacs

Over the years, Tic-Tacs haven’t had many new flavours. Every now and then, a new combination or colours and flavours will be released, and it blows us all away. Despite concern over untruthful rumours, Coca-Cola and Tic-Tacs’ manufacturers have confirmed their partnership – an endeavour that will bring a beautiful flavour of Tic-Tac to our shelves.

Salted Caramel Milky Way

You read that right! The yummy and timeless Milky Way will be adding salted caramel flavour to their typical bar. Salted Caramel is a flavour that has risen in popularity over the last few years, with everything from desserts to drinks including the combination.

Starburst Swirlers

The standard Starburst flavours, but with two flavoured swirled together in each piece! How amazing is that? The company has already decided which flavours they’ll be swishing together, too, and we can’t argue with their choices. Look forward to strawberry and cherry, cherry and lemon, and orange and strawberry!

Skittles Dips

Our fruity skittles but coated in a yogurt dip – this is definitely a new and unique combination to hit the candy section of your local store. Typically, things that are coated in yogurt are simply strawberry or chocolate, at a push. But no, Skittles have decided to coat each of their usual flavours.

Fudge Brownie M&M’s

The new M&M’s are going to be slightly bigger to accommodate the new build for this flavour. Not only will candy lovers have the standard candy-coated milk chocolate taste, there will also be a fudge core to each piece, which has the consistency of a brownie. We’re sure you can see why they needed to be made a little larger to fit all that chocolatey goodness in them!

Cookies & Crème Twix

Twix bars are a classic treat. They are often seen alongside the likes of Mars bars and Milky Way bars, but this chocolate-coated biscuit with a caramel centre is getting a rework for the first time ever! New for 2020, the Cookies and Crème Twix is hitting the shelves. The new flavour will replace the original caramel filling.

Dark Chocolate & Mint KitKat

This is basically mint choc chip ice cream in the form of a chocolate bar. Every mint and chocolate fanatic will be storming the stores the moment that the new KitKat is readily available to purchase. This new duo has a beautiful mint green shade covering the top half of the bar, while the dark chocolate is laced underneath. It’s extremely aesthetic, and definitely something that we didn’t expect to see outside of Japan’s range of varied KitKat bars.

Pecan Snickers

This isn’t the first time the Pecan Snickers has been available. In fact, Mars did release them online back in the summer of 2019 on a custom-made website. However, because they were so popular, the corporation decided to bring them back for good. The regular peanuts in the Snickers bar will be replaced with pecans in this treat, which makes for an interesting change to the flavour. It’s subtle, but definitely welcome.

The comeback of Conversation Hearts

They disappeared for a little bit of time and caused a bit of an outrage from candy lovers when they did so. But it’s time for Conversation Hearts to reappear! Obviously, Valentine’s Day has already come and gone, and such a holiday is one of the biggest reasons that so many of these chalky hearts get purchased.

However, there are plenty of other holidays, birthdays, events, parties etc. that will benefit from a few bags or boxes full of these colourful treats.  

Where to buy

Figuring out where to buy these new treats might be a little harder while it’s still so early in the year. Only larger retailers will stock them at first, or your local American candy store – if you’re lucky. You could attempt to buy them online, but you may quickly find that they can be overpriced by online retailers. Alternatively, try your luck with a subscription box! Even if you don’t get one of 2020’s new flavours, you’ll get a bunch of American candy treats that you may have never tried before!