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What do you do once you’ve finished up the American sweets and treats in your Taffy Mail subscription box? Do you keep the wrappers as they’re so colourful and exciting? Do you throw them away (you know you’ll get a great new selection next month)?

Well how about turning those empty wrappers in to amazing pieces of work? Introducing Laura Benjamin’s sweet art.

“A work of art should arouse one’s senses on a multitude of levels.”

Born in New York City in 1945, Laura Benjamin attended American University. She received a bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Art Education from New York University. She creates amazing pieces of works of art using a variety of materials and techniques, one being empty American candy wrappers.

We have selected our five favourite pieces Laura Benjamin has created but if you’re hungry for some more, you can check her website out for more or head here to purchase prints.

1. Yellow Lab









Being dog lovers, we loved this piece of work from Laura. Featuring lots of treats already seen in your subscription boxes, Laura has used Wonka wrappers, Dove bar wrappers, chewing gum and more.

2. Yellow Cab







As you can see from the selection of treats Laura has used in this piece, a lot of American sweets and American candy features the colour yellow. We can spot 5th Avenue wrappers, Cheetos and even Juicy Fruit chewing gum. What wrappers can you see?

3. Jack









My motto is: more good times. In a way, American sweets do give you a good time – well, your tastebuds anyway! In this piece, we can spot Wonka Grape and Strawberry weappers, Apple Jacks and even Cadbury Dairy Milk!

4. Miss Piggy









An apt piece of art, if we say so ourselved. Eating all of your Taffy Mail subscription box in one sitting would, well, make you a Miss Piggy! We’re only joking! In this piece, Laura has used lots of red and pinks including Red from M&M’s, Kool-Aid Man and even Scooby-Doo snacks!

5. Einstein








We had to include Laura’s Einstein piece. It’s simply… genius! Using Wonka Runts, Fruit Gushers, Blow Pops and more, Laura has made Einstein out of delicious American sweets wrappers! We especially love how she has used Pop Rocks to create the firework background!

“The result is a nuanced iconography that is both visually stimulating and provocative.”

What do you think of Laura Benjamin’s work? Don’t forget, if you would like to purchase any of her prints, they are available here and here. Here at Taffy Mail, we’re in love! Let us know in the comments below!