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When it comes to food, America has a pretty bad reputation. From colourful packaging to interesting ingredients, the US has it all.

From reindeer hot dogs in Alaska to the many chains of fast-food restaurants, there’s no wonder the US is sometimes seen as ‘the fattest nation’.

But it’s not just the crazy hot dogs those Alaskan’s love. An AskReddit thread asked people that weren’t from America which American foods they thought were gross or weird. What’s funny is that some of the responses received would and could be considered staples in many homes across America!

Here’s just a few replies we had to pick out:

1. Carnival Food


“Definitely deep fried butter. I know that it’s a carnival food, but it’s still deep fried butter.“ – Ilymore

At the Indiana State Fair, beef isn’t just considered a main dish. It’s also considered a dessert. The Indiana Beef Cattle Association, the creator of this crazy dish, does have some stiff competition with their meat-dessert. There are also dishes such as a mélange of pulled pork and a puller pork parfait. Crazy. 

2. Cheez Whiz


“Aerosol cheese. Seriously America, what the f***?” – nicklo2k

How do you like your cheese? I hope you like it processed or reprocessed as that’s exactly what Cheez Whiz is. Products like Cheez Whiz contain regular cheese that has been reprocessed along with additional ingredients such as emulsifiers and stabilizing agents. Mmm, yummy!

3. Pumpkin-flavoured everything


“Flavouring everything with pumpkin around Fall. Things I will never accept pupkin in: coffee, ice cream, pancakes…” – tigersmadeofpaper

Since Starbucks debuted the unbelievably popular coffee drink back in 2003, every year, more and more products try to capitalise on the ever-so-popular flavour. To date, you can buy just about anything ‘pumpkin-flavoured’ including vodka, oatmeal, soda, margarine and even coconut milk!

4. Grits


“I was in a diner in the south, maybe Missisippi. I asked the waitress what it was, and the look she gave me was uncertain and troubled.” – yummy_yummy_red_wine

If you weren’t sure, grits are ground up corn that is most common in the Southern United States. It’s mainly eaten at breakfast as a side dish to bacon and eggs for example. To get a better idea, grits are similar to our porridge.

5. American Breakfast Cereal

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“American breakfast cereal. It has all these different colours and weird tastes, and there is marshmallows in some of it too.” – TheInsaneDane

Yes, it’s no secret that America has some crazy cereals. The more popular ones you see around the UK are Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops but over the pond, there are a vast array of colourful boxes stacked on shelves to tempt your tastebuds. Our favourite ones we’ve seen are Cinnamon Toast Crunch and also the classic Trix.

6. Root Beer


“My Australian wife finds root beer to be ‘essence of old people’.” – outsideitude

Ah, root beer. Such an acquired taste. If you’re a subscriber to Taffy Mail, you’ll have seen we have included this a few times in the candy boxes. We’ve had mixed responses, much to the same of Marmite. You either love it or hate it. One common comment is that it ‘tastes like Deep Heat’.

7. Peanut Butter and Jelly


“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, though I just think it sounds gross, because to me, jelly is, well, jelly, what American’s call Jello, and that combination is just… yeah.” – Bobblefighterman

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches. It’s pretty much like banana sandwiches. Sounds disgusting at first, right? But when you smoosh that banana between two pieces of bread – it’s magnificent. It’s believed that the PB&J became popular around the 1920’s when the price of peanut butter dropped and lower class citizens could finally taste it.