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Popping Candy is a great way to pack a punch to your regular ol’ recipes, check out these awesome Pop Rocks recipes to see what people have done to make their foods POP!

1. Strawberry Firecracker Cake Balls

Pop Rocks Recipe Strawberry Cake Balls

via Adventures in Food

White chocolate coated cake balls, topped off with popping candy? Sign us up!

2. Popping Candy Apple Crumble

Popping Rocks Recipe Apple Crumble

via RaspberriCupcakes

We love apple crumble, we love pop rocks. ‘Nuff said.

3. Firecracker Pushpops

Pop Rock Recipe Push Pop

via Sweet Dreams Cake App

This recipe combines Pop Rocks with another of our favourite American sweets – Twizzlers – to make something that looks as explosive as it tastes!

4. Acid Pops

Harry Potters Acid Pops

via Holiday Snobs

A straight forward recipe! Dip your pops in honey and then in Pop Rocks! Simple!

5. Firework Floats

Pop Rocks Cocktail Firework Floats

via HolidaySnobs

Want an explosive drink to accompany your Acid Pop? Look no further.

6. Pop Rock Strawberries

Pop Rocks Recipe Strawberries

via Fashionably Bombed

The (marginally!) healthier option in this list is still delicious!

7. Exploding Ice Cream – Strawberry Ice Cream ad White Chocolate Covered Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks Ice Cream Recipe

via TheKitchn

Because tiny explosions can also be ice cold?

8. Mini Strawberry Shortcake Poppers

Pop Rocks Recipe Shortcake Poppers

via SnappyGourmet

Strawberries are back again for this amazing recipe!