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In case you missed it, this month was Taffy Mail’s first birthday! The boxes are beginning to arrive, so to draw this party to a close, sit back and check out these glorious cake fails while you enjoy your delicious box of American sweets (including a couple of birthday treats!).

1. Sour Patch Kids Cake

American Cake Fail Sour Patch

via Statigram

Naturally, this felt like the best place to start – we’re (obviously!) big fans of American candy here at Taffy Mail, and one of our favourite varieties are the sour-then-sweet Sour Patch Kids. Obviously we’re not alone, as someone enjoys them enough to make the wonderful cake pictured at the top. We can only assume that someone else loves them enough to try and emulate it. Although this doesn’t feel like the sort of thing a fan would do…

2. Tinkerbell let herself go

American Cake Fail Tinkerbell

via Cakechooser

There is something quite charming about this cake. It’s a rare thing that a popular character from a classic children’s book (and classic Disney film) is boldly re-imagined in such a way. The character atop this cake bears more of a resemblance to Patty/Selma from the Simpsons than Tinkerbell, and we appreciate it all the more for that.

3. Watermelon Cake

American Cake Fail Watermelon

via Statigram

Watermelons are great, and the original recipe ingeniously uses some jellybeans to give an extra shine to the green layer of this cake. Whilst it’s probably not as refreshing as a slice of watermelon, it does look like something we’d love to try. The second image, not so much.


4. Approximately Ariel

American Cake Fail Ariel

via Healthywaytocook

Character cakes feel like a fairly easy target for a post like this – icing is a very difficult medium to work with, and to make a cake look like a well loved 2D character is going to be impossible without a great deal of practice. It was a bold move to place the cake alongside the intended design, as it would demonstrate any differences fairly clearly. That said, we probably couldn’t have guessed the theme without it.

5. It’s Olaf, Jim, but not as we know it

American Cake Fail Olaf

via Snappy Gourmet

While 2D is hard, 3D cake-making presents a whole new dimension of problems. In this image, Olaf has gone from the adorable sentient snowman from Frozen to a terrible affront to all things cold. We guess you could say he’s an abominable snowman.

6. Bob the Builder: Buried Alive

Bob the Builder Fail

via Parentingfuneveryday

Are you looking to introduce your child to the exciting world of industrial negligence from a young age? Poor Bob has clearly had some sort of disaster befall him. We’re also concerned that ‘cake’ might be a strong description for the foodstuffs surrounding him.

7. Mary Had a Little… Thing

American Cake Fail Lamb

via LolZombie

This is another cake with a charm all of its own, we think without the superb comparison shot accompanying it, this cake could have made a passable lamb. Unfortunately, alongside the other, it sort of looks like it’s a bit ill.

8. Rainbow Cake Roll, Without the Roll

American Cake Fail Rainbow

via CraftFail


Cooking with colour is another fairly challenging task, keeping everything clearly separated can be a bit of a nightmare, and maintaining the vibrance of colour in the top shot can be very difficult. Rolling a cake up is the easier part of this recipe, and also the source of its biggest failure!

9. ET Go Home

American Cake Fail ET

via TheChive

Taking another popular movie character and, well, wrecking it, here is ET, but gone is the kind alien who is befriended by a lonely child, replaced by this bloodshot-eyed, apparently mummified version of Spielberg’s alien. Scary stuff.