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“Fanta”, a brand name that comes from the German word “Fantasie”, meaning “imagination”. Why does this beloved fizzy drink have a name with German routes, you may be wondering? Well, Fanta was first created in Germany!

Yes, that’s right. Fanta came about during the Second World War when there was a trading ban between Germany and any of the Allies’ countries. The Coca-Cola Company, therefore, wasn’t able to bring in the syrup that they needed to produce Coca Cola, and a new soda was invented in its place.

It was Dr. Schetelig that was able to bring about this new drink, using only the ingredients that they could procure within Germany. The first Fanta drink was made mainly of apple fibre and a by-product that comes from the process of making cheese. The drink was yellow in colour, yet tasted of oranges.

Though Dr. Schetelig is responsible for the formula of Fanta, it was a salesman that decided on the name. This man was Joe Knipp. Coca-Cola liked the name enough to keep it, and Fanta went on to be the second drink that Coca-Cola ever made.

Bringing Fanta to the U.S.

After the war ended, the Coca-Cola Company brought their new creation over to America. It wasn’t until 1960, around two decades after the drink hit the shelves in Germany, that Coca-Cola bought the trademark for Fanta.

Out of all the many flavours over the years, Fanta Orange remains the most popular. Brazil is the larger consumer of the drink, however. Interestingly enough, Fanta is actually more popular in Europe and South America than it is in the United States.


There are around 90 or so flavours of Fanta across the world. A huge amount of them are regional flavours that aren’t easily or readily available in supermarkets. Many are imported from other countries, stocked in special sections of shops or only found in American candy stores.

Here are a few examples of flavours you can find in different countries:

Australia – Raspeberry, Grade, Passion Fruit Cream.

Belgium – Exotic, Zero Strawberry & Kiwi.

Canada – Cream Soda, Grape, Fruit Punch.

China – Orange Mint, Hawthorn, Lime.

Costa Rica – Kolita, Exotic Pineapple, Root Beer.

Egypt – Watermelon/Melon/Starfruit, Blueberry, Bubblegum.

France – Pineapple & Lemon, Blackcurrent, Raspberry & Passionfruit.

Germany – Shokata Zero, Peach-Apricot Zero, Tangerine Zero.

Hungary – Watermelon & Starfruit

Iceland – Pineapple, Exotic, Peach Apricot.

Ireland – Icy Lemon, Pink Grapefruit Zero, Berry.

Japan – Yuzu, Golden Grape, Pine Fruit, Honey Lemon.

Madagascar – Citrus, Grenadine, Apple.

Mexico – Strawberry, Tamarind, OMG (Mystery flavour).

Sinagapore – Lychee, Peach, Melon.

Taiwan – Vanilla Ice Cream, Lactic White Grape, Honeydew Melon.

United Kingdom – Orange, Lemon, Fruit Twist.

United States – Wild Cherry, Wild Berry, Peach.

Of all of these countries, Japan and the U.S. have had the most flavours of Fanta over the years.