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Fathers Day presents! So it’s that time of year again. What do I buy Dad? What would make an amazing gift? Well, if you’re searching for an unusual or unique Fathers Day present to give to your Dad this year, Taffy Mail is just the thing!

Fathers Day presents - you deserve them!











We all want to give our Dads a special Fathers Day present!

As Father’s Day is just around the corner, why not treat your Father to a gift that keeps on giving? Whether he loves Reese’s Pieces or something a little bit more fruity like Mike & Ike’s, Taffy Mail is a perfect unusual Fathers Day present to gift this year! Month after month, we curate a selection of the most amazing treats America has to offer and send you a box of these tasty sweets every month!

If your Dad has never tasted the delights of American sweets, our best selling Classic Plan offers everything he’d need to taste the delights America has to offer with their candies. With our Classic Plan, you also get a can of authentic American soda. However, if your Dad thinks he’s more of a candy conniseur, why not let your Dad get his chops round our Extra Plan? Complete with premium items such as Oreos and Ho Hos, our Extra Box gives thats little bit extra.

Give your Dad an amazing Fathers Day present!

Signing up for a subscription for your Dad is super simple! Simply head here and choose which plan you’d like to sign him up for. Enter your card details but enter his name and his address. We’ll handle the rest! We’ll curate his boxes for how long you’re subscribed for and we’ll send his boxes direct to him – with his first Fathers Day present landing on his doorstep a few days before the actual day!

If you have any comments or queries about how Taffy Mail works, head to our FAQs or shoot us an email, we’re always happy to answers your questions.