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Easter is coming and we all know what that means – buying excessive amounts of chocolate to gorge ourselves on with just a little regret later on. From chocolate bunnies to candy-coated eggs in bright, pastel colors, there’s more than enough to choose from. This year’s selections are already lining your local supermarket’s shelves, so keep an eye out for these wonderful Easter treats!

Hershey’s Easter Polka Dot Solid Cookies ‘n’ Creme Bunny

Sold at Target for just $4, Hershey’s Easter Polka Dot Solid Cookies ‘n’ Creme Bunny is a creamy white color and covered in pastel polka dots. Great for the person in your life that likes pastel colors, cookies and cream chocolate, and bunnies. Hershey’s are also offering a similar product with their Polka Dot Cookies ‘n Creme Eggs.

Hershey’s KISSES Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting Flavored Creme

Hershey’s well-loved chocolate kisses that are filled with vanilla frosting and wrapped in a cute pastel design. Found at Walmart for $3, these addictive kisses won’t last more than five minutes after you open them.

Reese’s Milk Chocolate and White Creme Peanut Butter Assortment Eggs

A little more expensive at $7, find these mixed Reese’s chocolate eggs at Walmart. Why choose milk or white chocolate when you can have both in the same bag?

Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Carrots Candy

Another great release from the Reese’s brand, add to the Easter theme with these excellent carrot-shaped chocolates. They’re basically a peanut butter cup, but shaped like a carrot. What’s not to love? $13 at Walmart.

Butterfinger Easter Nesteggs Bag

Fan of the Butterfinger? We don’t blame you, they’re absolutely delicious! Make a slight change from the regular Butterfinger this Easter and buy a bag of their Nesteggs, instead! $4 at Target.

Cheetos Sweetos Snacks Cinnamon Sugar Puffs

Probably the strangest release this Easter, just because most of what we see from Cheetos are, well, savory snacks. The Sweetos are cinnamon-flavor puffs that are supposed to resemble a decorated Easter egg. You can find them on the Safeway website for $4.

Sour Patch Kids Easter Watermelon Jelly Beans

Back for the second year in a row, the Easter theme that comes with these jelly beans is definitely the color over the flavor – but who doesn’t love a good watermelon candy? These are adorable jelly beans, and they’re just $3 at Target.

Oreo Chocolate Egg With Cookie Pieces

With five eggs in a pack, there’s certainly enough of these Oreo chocolate eggs to go around… Or hoard. No one says you have to share them! They’re a little pricier at $13 for a box in Walmart, but you are getting five eggs instead of just one.

M&M’s Milk Chocolate Easter Candy Jar

Looking for a huge sharing jar to have around this Easter? For $31, you can get a big jar of colorful M&M’s to have around during April. Who knows how long they’ll last in your home… But they look fantastic and the reviews on Walmart certainly speak for themselves.

Special mention: Reese’s Puffs Bunny-Shaped Cereal

$6 a box in Walmart, our special mention isn’t technically a candy because it’s a cereal. Even if it’s a very chocolatey cereal. Switch out your regular Reese’s Puffs for these bunny-shaped pieces this Easter.