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Candy experiments are all over the web. You can find them on YouTube, blogs, science websites, and all manner of other places. Science is exciting, but so is candy! Combine the two and you, your friends, or your children can have an amazing time.

Candy Butterfly Life Cycle

If you have children in your family or friendship group who are currently at an age where they are learning about life cycles in science, then this one is for you. Though it’s not a shocking experiment (such as creating a volcano or watching candy react with a soda), it’s still very creative, entertaining, and you can help a child learn something new in a fun way.

To create this experiment, you’ll need something to represent each of the four stages of a butterfly’s life: An egg-shaped candy, a worm-like candy, candy that can represent the chrysalis (sherbet or pop rocks would work), and finally sweets to create your own beautiful butterfly.

Candy DNA

The DNA strand is extremely complex but also simple. Though one strand of DNA carries thousands of pieces of information about us, the model that we know represents DNA is very simple and can be made out of candy easily.

With some gummy sweets, some Twizzlers, and some cocktail sticks, you can put together your own candy DNA model. For an extra challenge, see how realistic you can make it or get it to stand up!

Build a candy house

A candy house is a fun challenge that you can eat when you’re finished. Gingerbread houses are great, but they often come largely pre-made unless you’re making the gingerbread at home, too. You can make several candy houses or build a few walls and test out different types of candy “cement” which can hold everything together.

Ideas for cement include icing sugar or marshmallow fluff!

Blast off with a soda rocket

We all know about the old Mentos and Diet Coke experiment, but most who attempt this usually just drop a roll of Mentos into an open bottle of Diet Coke and watch the fizz. For this experiment, you’ll need to close the lid quickly after you’ve tossed in the Mentos, and then throw the bottle against the ground.

The force of the bottle hitting the ground should cause the lid to fly off and launch the bottle into the air. Remember to stand back and throw far!

Getting your candy

Going out and buying the candy you need for these experiments is fine, but instead of buying separate items for a particular experiment, why not try a convenient subscription box full of delicious American candies? You can have hours of fun and eat everything you create.