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Have you ever walked around the supermarkets and spotted products we sell in the UK that remind you of American store bought items? We know we have! From Well, instead of dreaming about those American products, why not go all out and recreate them at home? We’ve found some American recipes that will help you make authentic American store bought items at home. If you think making your own treats at home is too much hard work, and prefer your snacks coming directly to you, some of the treats below can be found in our Taffy Mail boxes!


American recipe: Homemade Pretzels


Nothing beats an authentic American pretzel! A giant, soft and fluffy knot of dough can’t be beaten especially when fresh out of the oven. Topped with salt and dipped in melted butter or American cheese is a winner in our books! But would you have ever thought to make a batch of the the baked bread delight at home? We guess not. Try this recipe out and you’ll no longer be craving them when you’re walking around the supermarkets. P.S. Pretzels originally came from Europe – who knew?!




Twinkies! Hard to come by in the supermarkets but have you ever looked at white mini rolls in the shops and wished for them to be Twinkies? Everyone loves a Twinkie, but have you thought about making a batch of these golden little barrels of sponge at home? Again, probably not! Take a look at this American recipe being made and make some yourself at home.

Tater Tots

American recipe: Homemade Tater Tots

A tater tot is traditionally a side dish. These cylindrical, deep-fried barrels of grated potatoes are a crispy treat sent down from the Heavens above! If you like chips or just potatoes in general, this one is for you. Think hash-browns but in a roll… they’re amazing! Here’s a pretty simple American recipe you can use to create your own at home.


American recipe: Homemade Biscuits

There’s only one thing that we can think of that we see on the shelves in supermarket that remind us of American biscuits, and they are scones. An American biscuit can be had with sausages (think sausage McMuffin) or with gravy and are often referred to as ‘quick breads’. You’re probably thinking ‘biscuits with gravy? Are you mad?’ No, we’re not. Try out this American recipe and you’ll see why they work!

Pop Tarts

American recipe: Homemade Pop Tarts

When you’re browsing at the cereals on offer at the supermarket you’ve probably seen the two or three flavours UK supermarkets stock. Why not increase the amount of flavours you could try by following this American recipe? The amount of toppings are endless! Once you try these, it’ll be hard to actually go back to buying them in stores!


American recipe: Homemade Cheetos Cheese Puffs


Similar to Wotsits in the UK, Cheetos are cheese puff crisps (chips if you want to go the whole hog) which are the top selling brand of cheese puffs in the whole of the United States. There are loads of flavours available of these orange puffs of delight including, wait for it, Pepsi and Mountain Dew flavour, although they are only available in Japan! We have to say, our favourite Cheetos are the Crunchy variety! If you fancy giving these a go, yes, there’s an American recipe for them, then go ahead!