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This month’s Taffy Mail saw the return of a popular American savoury snack – check out our Goldfish Crackers UK Review below! Some subscribers may not remember the last time that Taffy Mail featured Goldfish Crackers in our subscription box, but Pepperidge Farm remembers! These cheesy bites appeared in both our Taffy Mail Classic and Taffy Mail Extra American snack boxes, and were pretty well received.
The Cheddar variety of Goldfish crackers is quite possibly the most widely known of this snack, but they come in dozens of other varieties – none of which actually taste like fish -gold or otherwise!

TM Goldfish Crackers UK Review Pic

We love the saltiness of these – the original Goldfish Crackers lacked any additional flavouring – they were purely saltine flavoured! The subtley added cheese flavour is a nice addition and doesn’t overpower the saltiness of these tasty little snacks.

spoke to our Facebook Group to ask what they thought of these curious crackers:

“[I found] that they weren’t a very strong cheese flavour? I found them quite plain myself”

“…Same but my mum and daughter loved them”

“LOVED THIS!!! Would love to see more flavours!!”

“I thought that they were very salty and weren’t that cheesy”

“I liked these. So did Bonnie the dog”

“They remind me of Tuc biscuits, they’re lovely”

“I enjoyed them. However I didn’t get any taste of cheese I just got a salty taste”

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