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Halloween is right around the corner, and every community is trying to figure out how to help their kids have a little fun this year after the huge scare of the pandemic has written off any fun activities they had planned to do.

This spooky holiday has the potential to paint a smile back on some faces (and pumpkins!), which means it’s extremely important to recognise how to have a safe and sanitised All Hallow’s Eve this October.

Check out the rest of our post for tips no matter where you are this Halloween! We’ve covered the vampires who are staying home, the wandering spooks asking for candy, and the parent zombies looking out for their little ones.

Staying in, no visitors

If you’re still self-isolating, which many people are due to pre-existing health conditions or age, your Halloween doesn’t need to be boring or dull.

Hopefully you have last year’s decorations, but if you don’t, it’s really easy to get some delivered or ask a friend/family member to grab some for you if you aren’t going out yourself.

Remember to put up a sign asking visitors to stay away because you’re isolating. These self-made signs have been respected all year. It’s going to be dark on Halloween night, so maybe get a little spooky with it and put the sign in your window surrounded by candles and decorations. Make it bold and easy to read.

Now for the fun part!

Staying in means spooky movies, scary boardgames, and candles. Oh, and treats, of course! You could bake a few delicious cookies or brownies, and ask the children to decorate them for your night-in.

Make sure you’re choosing child-friendly films, such as Hotel Transylvania, The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, and Casper. For boardgames, try Betrayal at House on the Hill for older kids, or Disney Villainous for children aged ten years and up. Monopoly is always a good one, too!

Staying in, Trick or Treaters welcome

Very similar to the above, you can have an amazing time indoors by using all the same things we’ve already suggested.
If you’re welcoming Trick or Treaters to knock on your door, you might consider leaving a bucket of candy out with a “Help yourself” message, instead.

Some crafty individuals have also had the idea of sticking individual lollipops into the top of a carved pumpkin or three.

This means that you won’t be answering the door every few minutes, and any kids that are outside going door-to-door don’t need to have direct contact with you or your family. Plus, this kind of candy giving is pretty popular with households who don’t want to hear their doorbell all night but are happy to give out candy.

Cleaner Trick or Treating

Going Trick or Treating with your children or have little ones coming to your home like they do every year? The best way to keep you all safe is to wear gloves and keep hand sanitiser at the ready.

Other parents will thank you for keeping their little ones safe, and you’ll feel better about celebrating Halloween in the current climate.

Getting candy delivered

If you happen to be looking for a candy delivery service that can ship imported American candy for you and your family over the seasonal period, why not try one of our subscription boxes? ‘Tis the season… Almost!