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This month’s Taffy Mail saw a new item appearing for the first time! Hersheys Gold is the brand new bar from Hersheys and doesn’t contain their usual milk chocolate! Check out Hersheys Gold UK Review down below – featuring fresh thoughts from our community!

Hersheys Gold UK Review

We spoke to our Facebook Group to ask what they thought of this delicious new brand of chocolate:

“It’s amazing – wasn’t too sure if I was gonna like it as not a fan of what looked like caramel style chocolate – but it’s lush”

“So yummy! First time trying it and was pleasantly surprised how nice it was! Will look forward to having it in our Taffy Mail again!”

“I was expecting something like Caramac chocolate but this was better – the crunch of a pretzel and salted peanut aftertaste – still got some of mine left. Trying to make it last – hope it’s in a box soon”

“Didn’t think I was gonna like it as I’m not a fan of much Hershey stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised”

“I really enjoyed and in fact bought several bars since.”

“Absolutely loved it! Tasty, creamy and yummy! Hands down my favourite chocolate to date”


“Really unusual, mild flavour compared to a lot of American candy. Awfully nice, a really pleasant peanut butter taste”

“I don’t like pretzels or peanuts so gave it away but was persuaded to try it, typically it was the very last piece and I loved it!

“It was delicious – sweet and salty in the perfect combination – my one complaint, the bar was not big enough”

There’s some high praise in here indeed! We found the bar to be delicious, balancing sweet and salty in an amazing way! We’ve also had a play to make this sweet and salty magic topping for ice cream. Find out how we made it here:


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