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In a world first, Nestlé Japan has commercialised ‘Ruby’ Chocolate, which will feature in its new Valentine’s Day gift sets. The naturally pink “Ruby” Chocolate was developed by the Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut as a new variety, alongside bitter, milk and white chocolates. Announced in September last year, the new kind of chocolate has attracted a great deal of interest. And now its in pink Kitkats.

The Pink KitKat variety – named Sublime Ruby has a colour that is gained without additives or colourings and apparently has a fruity flavour, reminiscent of berries. Chef Yasumasa Takagi had this to say:

“I am extremely honored to be part of this landmark moment in the history of chocolate, with which I have worked
intimately for over thirty years. I have created an especially simple KITKAT that allows you to enjoy the characteristic
fruity fragrance and subtle acidity of Ruby cacao to the fullest. Enjoy wonderful flavors that have never been
experienced before”

Taffy Mail Pink KitKats Ruby

Nestlé Japan Ltd.

Having read about the announcement of pink cocoa back in September, we were intrigued to see what our favourite candy companies would do with it and these awesome pink Kitkats are exactly the sort of bright snack that we were hoping for!

Don’t get too excited to try it for yourself though, the chocolate is highly sought after and is being pitched as a luxury chocolate for family and friends or as a special treat for yourself. Not only that, but it’s only available through KitKat’s online store and some pop up shops. And the fact that it’s Japanese and not an American candy bar means it won’t find its way into a Taffy Mail box any time soon!

Still, considering the announcement of the new kind of chocolate was only back in September, we can’t wait to see what appears in the coming months!