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Do you have that one candy that you have a love-hate relationship with? One day you’re absolutely craving it, even though you know that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth or contains an ingredient that you’re intolerant to? We all have them, especially if you’re someone who loves chocolate but is lactose intolerant.

Conversation Hearts

These chalky candies are right at the start of this list. They may be one of the most popular American candies for Valentine’s Day, but they’re still pretty subtle in flavour, and some of the messages printed on them can be a bit odd at times. Some people agree that they taste pretty bad, too. The UK version of them seems to be more favoured and has a better flavour.

Cinnamon Hearts

Unless your other half really, really likes cinnamon, we’re not sure while you’d inflict a Cinnamon Heart on someone that you loved. These are hot, spicy candies. One is fine but eat a few more and you better hope that you can cope with the overwhelming taste. Apparently, they’re better when used as a decoration for cakes which can take away some of the taste.  

Candy Corn

There is a Valentine’s Day version of Candy Corn, but the thing is… A lot of people don’t actually like American Candy Corn. Candy Corn is seen as something that is given out on Halloween, so it seems really odd that there’s a version for Love Day. It feels very commercial.

Gummy Lips

Hilarious for children, but a bit odd as a Valentine’s treat. We can’t imagine a scenario where you might give your special someone a handful of Gummy Lips for Valentine’s Day. That said, if you’re a couple that find humour in a lot of situations, they could be the perfect thing! But they do taste like soap.

No matter what candy you decide to hate or love this Valentine’s Day, there’s always one thing you can do to make the day a little more special – get your loved one a subscription to a whole box of goodies!