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American candy is varied and wonderful. There’s plenty of different brands, all of which release delicious new flavours fairly regularly. Whenever a new candy bar or candy flavour hits the stores, it isn’t long before people are flocking to the shelves to buy them and give them a try.

This post will list a few of the most popular American candy brands, and their newest flavours. Of course, some of them may have been released some time ago – but they’re still super tasty!

Mike and Ike

Fruit-flavoured candy that first came about in 1942, Mike and Ike was created by the company Just Born Inc. There are plenty of flavours that have appeared over the years, and boxes of Mike and Ike can be readily found in most supermarkets.

Mike and Ike’s newest flavour came out back in 2018. This was the Mega Mix Sour, and is still available in box or bag form. You can easily find this flavour by looking for the light green Mike and Ike packaging that has a rainbow on it. Sour candies are always a treat for anyone who enjoys a bit of tang with their sweets.

Swedish Fish

The fish-shaped gummy candy that’s suitable for vegetarians! Swedish Fish producer Malaco has been making candies since the late 1950s. These little fish are fat free, with most of the ingredients being sugar-based. They’re also gluten-free, which is great for anyone who can’t eat gluten and is worried about what’s in their candy.

When it comes to new flavours, you aren’t going to find any varieties of Swedish Fish from the maker, but other brands have been known to release their own delights with Swedish Fish traits – such as Trident’s Swedish Fish gum from 2015.

Jolly Rancher

Make way from just one of the candies from the Hershey Company, Jolly Rancher is a brand of sweet hard candies that come individually wrapped. The candies have bright colours, and are often used to make flavoured alcoholic drinks by creators on the internet.

2020 brought a new Jolly Rancher flavour to our news feeds. This Tropical variety bag has some great new flavours that put a brilliant twist on the original Jolly Ranchers. For the Tropical bag, you can expect to find: fruit punch, golden pineapple, lime, and manga.

Hershey’s Chocolate bars

Hershey is one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in the world, but the company doesn’t only make chocolate. As evidenced by their production of the Jolly Rancher candies. Hershey also make cookies, cakes, milkshakes, and much more.

When it comes to their chocolate bars, Hershey has a couple of common varieties – those being the milk chocolate and the cookies and cream versions. In 2019, Hershey re-released the 2005 limited edition Whoppers bar, as well as an Extra Creamy milk chocolate bar.


Unlike Red Vines, which only come in two flavours, Twizzlers have a range of flavours to choose from. Twizzlers are the product of the company Y&S Candies Inc., but this company is presently a subsidiary of Hershey.

Twizzlers are suitable for vegan and are kosher certified. Which is just awesome! The most recent flavour was released in 2016, which was the Cherry and Green Apple Pull ‘n’ Peel variety. Around the same time, the strawberry/lemonade filled Twizzlers were also put on the shelves. Today, you can still buy these flavours, as well as many others!

Other great treats to try include Whoppers, Pop Tarts, Cookie Dough Bites, Laffy Taffy, and more! Why not subscribe and let us pick out a box full of goodies for you? We’ll ship straight to your door, all you need to do is choose how many treats you want this month!