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Neapolitan M&Ms are finally coming to America! These delicious ice-cream flavoured M&Ms have been available in Australia for months, and they’re finally due to release in America – only with 3 flavours in each M&M. But where can you find Neapolitan M&Ms in the UK?

Neapolitan M&Ms in the UK

Well we’re on it! We’re scouting our usual suppliers and getting in touch, attempting to track down this elusive and delicious treat! In the next few months, we’re hoping to include some in one of our boxes! Apparently the packet smells of chocolate, and the M&Ms themselves smell like ice cream.

Like the Australian variant, the M&Ms come in 3 different colours, but when you bit into one (assuming you can resist the temptation to gobble them down whole!), you’ll find that the American version has all the delicious neapolitan flavours in each M&M. 

All we can say is watch this space (and in the mean time, sign up to Taffy Mail to receive delicious American snacks each month!).