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(Featured image: Candy Corn, Pixabay.)

All Hallow’s Eve is almost over, but that means that all Halloween-style candy will soon be the most inexpensive candy to buy in stores. There’s a great moment at the end of the pumpkin season and just before stores roll out way too many jingle bells where all Halloween candy gets reduced! It’s pretty great and makes for some easy Autumn gifts if things aren’t too obviously spooky. Alternatively, hit the shelves anyway, throw a late Halloween party, or just invite your friends over an have a great time!

Whatever you decide to do, we just wanted to clue you in on the new candies from across the pond that have been released for this time of year.

(Image: Pumpkins, Public Domain Pictures.)

Candy Corn

Is it even Halloween in America if there isn’t Candy Corn everywhere? We don’t think so, at least! These yellow, orange, and white pieces of joy perfectly embody the colours of Fall. They’re great to serve at parties, and the smaller packages of them are good to pop in goodybags or hand out to Trick-or-Treaters. There’s also a tonne of Candy Corn flavoured treats this time of year – including Candy Corn Oreos!


The various flavours of M&M’s have taken over the shelves in recent years. There’s seems to be a new variation every time you turn around, and yes, there have been Autumn ones in the past. This year, the company released their newest flavour: M&M’s Creepy Cocoa Crisp Dark Chocolate flavour. They’re definitely a new kind of M&M. 


It’s time for Spooky Nerds! Your usual Nerds in full boxes of orange and white, representing two of the most common colours of Halloween. The white Nerds are Punch flavour, while the Orange Nerds are… Well, they’re Orange flavour. Who would have guessed?


And we couldn’t leave Twinkies out of this Fall post, could we? Hostess have released the Halloween Chocolate “S’cream” Cake Twinkies for your eating pleasure. These are limited edition (as most Halloween treats usually are) but expect to keep seeing them for a while anyway. These seasonal cakes are chocolate flavour with a cream filling; it may seem pretty simple, but it’s fun!

Happy Halloween!