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This idea of US vs. UK chocolate is a bit skewed. Many brands that we recognise as UK brands are actually American brands that export to the UK. For example, the Mars company, who sell Snickers bars, are a worldwide company with an American base of operations.

Some kinds of American chocolate are noticeably different to others. Hershey’s Cookies and Cream chocolate, for example, is extremely sweet but doesn’t have a lasting flavour during consumption. But Galaxy is a rich, smooth chocolate that coats the mouth.

Speaking of Galaxy, have you ever wondered why no one talks about Galaxy chocolate in the U.S.? If you have, let us enlighten you by showing you Dove chocolate. Dove is not a brand that we carry here in the UK, but you may recognise its packaging from Galaxy because it is Galaxy!

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Where did Dove come from?

Owned by the Mars Company (yes, the folks behind those Snickers bars we mentioned at the start), Dove can be found worldwide, offering delightful chocolatey goodness. They are in no way affiliated with Dove the soap company. The Dove brand name comes from the original owners of the company, Dove Candies & Ice Cream. They were once based in Chicago, and Mars Inc. acquired the company in 1986.

Dove started being manufactured in the UK as Galaxy in the 1960s, but there doesn’t seem to be any information about why that happened.

The brand sells as Dove in the following countries: America, Canada, Mexico, and several Continental European countries. As for Galaxy, you can find them here: the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Pakistan, the Middle East, Morocco, and Malta.

Favoured flavours in the UK and U.S.A.

In the UK, nothing can beat a bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble or Galaxy Salted Caramel. The brand offers decadent chocolate that is the ultimate treat and difficult to eat in excess because of how rich and sweet it is. As for Dove, well, they carry a few more flavours we haven’t seen here yet.

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For instance, there’s the absolutely phenomenal Deeper Dark Chocolate. This flavour is 70% cacoa, yet still retains Dove’s silky-smooth finish and deep, tastebud-pleasing taste. Dove’s dark chocolate is extremely well liked due to its intensity. Dark chocolate can be a huge hit or miss with a lot of people, and many don’t like it at all, so it’s surprising that there’s a popular brand doing so well with it.

Other American flavours that taste as good as they sound are Dove’s Midnight Fudge Cookie and Almond Brittle bars. It’s interesting to see how different the flavour profiles are for Dove and Galaxy. Dove seems to have slightly over-the-top, complex flavour choices, while Galaxy keeps it to reliable favours that are tried and tested.

Unfortunately, wanting to try Dove means importing the products, but there are plenty of other American chocolate brands. You could always set yourself up with a subscription to our magical boxes of American goodies so you can try a few!