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In the USA, the top dogs of the soda world are (unsurprisingly) Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper. But if we were to rank regular flavours of soda, this blog post would be extremely short. Personal opinions and preferences aside, the most popular soda in America is the dark Coca Cola Classic, with its shiny red coat (that, once upon a time, was green!).

Next would be Pepsi, and then Dr. Pepper. That’s just the information that sales show every year in America, and it doesn’t make for a very interesting ranking post. So, instead of just ranking the top soda brands that are sold in America, why don’t we look at some of the other fun and unique ones, too?

#10 Pibb Xtra

An alternative to the original Dr. Pepper, Pibb Xtra is essentially an off-brand Dr. Pepper that is around to compete with the brand. Despite Dr. Pepper being the third most popular soda brand in the U.S., American families do sometimes reach for the cheaper alternative to save some cash.

Once known as Mr. Pibb, Pibb Xtra offers a bit of a 90s vibe with the alternative spelling of “extra” in its name and is likely something that a lot of Americans will remember drinking in their youth.

#9 Crush Grape

Crush has numerous flavours available in the U.S. soda market, but we need to give some special attention to its grape flavour. This flavour, according to several online popularity ranking lists, is mentioned in place of Fanta’s grape flavour.

Crush, much like Pibb Xtra, is another busy household brand. Many will recognise Crush Orange quite easily, which is the brand’s flagship flavour. But they also have many others and seem to be keeping up with Fanta in terms of flavour options.

The grape flavour offered in Crush Grape is the typical American not-quite-grape flavour that’s just a touch too sweet and will be as likely to stain your tongue as it is to stain your shirt if you spill it.

#8 Cheerwine

This American soda isn’t one that we really see here across the pond in the UK. Our international candy stores don’t stock it, probably because no one here has ever heard of it. That said, it’s very popular in the U.S., and is sometimes preferred over Pepsi!

Cheerwine is typically found in the southeast of the U.S., particularly in the Carolinas. It’s a sweet, refreshing, cherry flavoured soda – but not too artificial like Crush Grape. Instead, it offers a fruity punch that doesn’t stick to your tastebuds, and actually does taste like cherries.

#7 Dr. Pepper

Of all of Dr. Pepper’s flavours over the years, nothing can beat an original Dr. Pepper. There’s just something extremely soothing about the classic flavour of a soda brand like this. Dr. Pepper’s flavour profile is… Extensive. Yet, people keep buying it and it’s the third most popular soda brand in America.

Many see Dr. Pepper as another alternative to Coca Cola. While Pepsi is lighter and more refreshing than Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper has a more complex flavour.


#6 Jones Cream Soda

Of all of the Jones brand sodas that are available, their Cream Soda definitely tops the list as their best flavour. American Cream Soda is very different to the Cream Soda that we have here in the UK, but we do occasionally see a couple of the brands on supermarket shelves that have been imported over. Jones isn’t usually one of them!

Jones Cream Soda is sweet, clear, and has an appealing flavour. This is really similar to our UK brands of Cream Soda, so they’re a great purchase for people from the UK that want to try American Cream Soda.

#5 Coca Cola Vanilla

Coca Cola has had a range of different flavours over the years, and although nothing will ever beat a Coca Cola classic, Coca Cola Vanilla still makes it onto this list for being a great alternative if you’re looking for just a little more sweetness in your day.

That said, anyone who is opposed to sweet flavours may want to avoid Coca Cola Vanilla because some people do find it a tad too sweet.

#4 Jarritos Pineapple

A soda that’s popular in Mexico and in the U.S., Jarritos Pineapple doesn’t use sweeteners; instead, it uses real sugar to sweeten the natural pineapple flavour of the drink. They’re popular sodas for Mexican food trucks to stock, as well as restaurants that serve Mexican cuisine.

Pineapple is certainly the best Jarritos flavour out there and gives you a refreshing drink without an overabundance of sweetness.

#3 Tahiti Treat

Not an extremely well-known brand because it seems to occasionally disappear from the shelves in American and isn’t commonly stocked anywhere in the UK, Tahiti Treat is a red-coloured soda that has a familiar fruit punch flavour.

Imagine a fizzy fruit punch that’s sweet, non-alcoholic, and refreshing. That’s Tahiti Treat!

#2 Dad’s Root Beer

There are many brands in the U.S. that sell Root Beer, but if you’re looking for the best one, then look no further. Dad’s Root Beer gives off a vintage feel, while still delivering a sweet, signature root beer taste that doesn’t leave you unsatisfied.

It’s another American brand that isn’t stocked in the UK, but we recommend trying it if you can get your hands on it!


#1 Coca Cola Classic/Pepsi

Tied for first place, as they often are, we have the classic versions of both Coca Cola and Pepsi. Taste-wise, there is a noticeable difference between these two dark sodas. While Coca Cola classic gives a smooth, deep flavour, Pepsi is lighter and doesn’t seem to be entirely made of rich sugar.

Which you, our readers, like more, is down to personal preference and taste buds. Why not tell us your favourite soda flavour below?