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In a world where sugar has been both promoted as a good thing, and slandered as a health hazard, it’s hard to know whether you should or shouldn’t be treating yourself. Well, we aren’t health experts, but we want you to know that many top American candy companies out there do offer sugar-free alternatives to your favourite sweets.

This post contains a quick list of sugar-free candies, chocolates, and the companies that make them.


  • Sugar Free Gum with Micro Candies – Cherry


  • Sugar Free Butterscotch Hard Candy
  • Sugar Free Star Brites Peppermint Hard Candy
  • Sugar Free Lemon Drops Hard Candy
  • Sugar Free Cinnamon Hard Candy Discs

Dubble Bubble:

  • Sugar Free Bubble Gum


  • Sugar Free Caramel Filled Chocolates
  • Sugar Free Mini Special Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Sugar Free Mini Chocolate Bar

Ice Breakers:

  • Ice Cubes Fruit Punch Sugar Free Gum
  • Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Bubble Breeze Gum


  • Lemon Gelatin – Sugar Free
  • Orange Gelatin Dessert – Sugar Free

Jolly Rancher:

  • Sugar Free Hard Candy

Red Vines:

  • Sugar Free Black Licorice Twists
  • Sugar Free Strawberry Twists


  • Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures SUGAR FREE

Trident Layers:

  • Swedish Fish Berry & Lemon Sugar Free Chewing Gum


  • Strawberry SUGAR FREE

Werther’s Original:

  • Sugar Free Minis
  • Chocolate Flavoured SUGAR FREE Chewy Caramels
  • Chewy Caramels SUGAR FREE
  • Caramel Coffee SUGAR FREE Hard Candies
  • Caramel Chocolate SUGAR FREE Hard Candies
  • Caramel Apple SUGAR FREE Hard Candies


  • SUGAR FREE Peppermint Patties

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.