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Spooky month has officially started, so we’re here with a bunch of the best Halloween treats for you to stock up on this season. Whether you’re inviting the knocks of Trick or Treaters, having a small Halloween party, or staying in with your loved ones, there’s no better excuse than Halloween to stock up on chocolate and candy goods. 

#10 Nerds

Nerds are colourful, fun, and tasty. There’s a good number of flavours available, and you can find them in most UK supermarkets and places like Selfridges. These sugary pieces of candy are made by the Ferrara Candy Company, and they’re mostly available in America, with a few places importing them in to sell. 

Though the Grape and Strawberry combination is great, the ultimate flavour was the Double Dipped Lemonade Wild Cherry and Apple Watermelon flavour. These can thankfully still be found, especially if you look on American candy and food websites. 

#9 Skittles 

Skittles are, thankfully, not a candy that you have to import to try. Though America may sometimes get more flavours, there’s nothing wrong with the original Skittles bags sold here in the UK. The individual flavours of each colour of Skittles are excellent, and they’re a fun treat for younger kids to have during the holidays. 

With Christmas right around the corner, you can even find the holiday Skittles tubes in stores right now. 

#8 Pop Rocks

A candy that takes everyone back to their childhood, Pop Rocks are the perfect addition to a bucket of Halloween goodies. Though they aren’t readily available in the UK, you can sometimes find the UK equivalent. 

Pop Rocks can be a wonderful addition to any themed treats that you might be making this month. Kids absolutely love the crackling feeling and sound that comes from these little candy pieces, and there are plenty of recipes for baked goods that include them. 

#7 Caramel Apples

Though not technically a candy, Caramel Apples make this list because it’s barely Halloween if you haven’t had a candy or chocolate-covered apple. We do these a little differently in the UK, but the hard, red caramel of these covered apples is a delightful treat for adults and kids. 

Beware the sticky hands! 

#6 Reese’s Pieces

Not only are Reese’s Pieces delicious, they’re also Halloween-themed without even trying! The brand has gotten super popular in the UK over the last few years, too, and they’ve pulled themselves out of the World Foods aisle and onto the standard candy shelves. 

#5 Hershey’s 

Hershey’s chocolate bars are right up there with Reese’s Pieces in popularity. They can be kind of expensive to buy in the UK unless you’re just looking for the Cookies and Cream Hershey’s bar – those can be found in supermarkets. If you want a mixed bag of mini Hershey’s or some Hershey’s kisses, you’ll be better off looking in your nearest American candy store or buying online. 

#4 M&Ms

Another colourful candy for our list, M&Ms have a lot of unique flavours in the US that we just don’t see here in the UK unless they’ve been imported for a limited time. For example, there’s pretzel M&Ms, Caramel M&Ms, and M&Ms that have a coating of peanut butter underneath their candy shells. 

#3 Butterfinger

The Butterfinger is a classic American candy bar that was first introduced in 1923. That’s right, this chocolatey, crispy, peanut butter delight has been perfected over almost 100 years of manufacturing. 

#2 KitKat

Though it’s unlikely that anywhere outside of Japan will ever have as many flavours for this chocolate bar, America does have some of their own special KitKats. Few of those have made their way to the UK, but you might want to try your local HMV as well as any American candy stores near you to find some of the limited edition flavours. HMV definitely has the Mint and Dark Chocolate KitKat, which was released almost two years ago in the US. 

#1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

They just can’t be beaten for a Halloween treat. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups come in a range of sizes in America, from mini cups to the giant cup. The most common ones in the UK are the double and triple cup packs, which cost around the same as other chocolate bars and are often included in deals in the candy aisle.