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Kool-Aid is a hugely popular drink in America, though we don’t see much of it here in the UK at all. Even in international candy stores and world foods aisles in supermarkets, Kool-Aid isn’t something that we Brits can access quickly. 

There are over 20 flavours of Kool-Aid in the U.S. market. The most common form of the drink is a sachet of powder, which you mix with water to create a delicious and refreshing drink. Kool-Aid is especially popular in the summer and at parties. 

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some Kool-Aid (and yes, they do occasionally appear in our subscription boxes!), keep your eye out for these top 10 Kool-Aid flavours: 

#1 Tropical Punch

A tasty tropical drink that’s perfect for those summer months. Grab a pitcher, fill it with water, and mix in your Tropical Punch Kool-Aid powder sachet. We recommend adding ice and serving with some brightly coloured cups during a get-together. Why not go the extra mile and invest in little cocktail umbrellas and sliced fruit to add to the drink? The kids will love it!

#2 Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Blue raspberry is a popular flavour in the U.S., so it’s no surprise that so many Americans love the Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade flavour from Kool-Aid. This berry-flavoured lemonade drink is an enticing colour, though it has a tangy taste. Perfect for unexpected visitors when you’re out of other drinks. 

#3 Pink Lemonade

Another great lemonade flavour from Kool-Aid! Pink lemonade is popular here in the UK, though most of us are used to the fizzy energy version that is produced by Lucozade. Kool-Aid’s Pink Lemonade is not carbonated and isn’t a glucose-based energy drink, but it’s still delicious and could be a familiar flavour for those who haven’t tried Kool-Aid before. 

#4 Cherry

Cherry is a classic flavour for kids and adults. There’s nothing scary or unknown about drinking a glass of cherry-flavoured liquid, though it’s not a flavour that we often see outside of carbonated drinks in the UK. American has loads of cherry-flavoured drinks, though, so we can see why it’s so popular!

#5 Black Cherry

With a slightly tarter flavour than regular cherry, black cherry really amps up the flavour of one of the best Kool-Aid beverages. Comparing the two, you’ll also see a slight colour difference to go with the change in taste. Black Cherry could be an excellent drink to serve during autumn – especially for Halloween. 

#6 Grape

So many beverages in America are grape-flavoured. It’s a super popular flavour that many people enjoy, though it can taste a bit artificial at times. Kool-Aid’s Grape flavour definitely has that artificial flair to it, but it’s still a firm fan favourite and has made it’s way onto many top 10 lists. 

#7 Raspberry

Not as great as Blue Raspberry, but still a good Kool-Aid flavour to have stocked in your home, Kool-Aid Raspberry is refreshing, tart, and sweet. It’s a flavour that you can buy in bulk and serve without any rhyme or reason.

#8 Lemon-Lime

Another fantastic flavour that everyone has tried during their childhood, even if their lemon-lime beverage of choice wasn’t from Kool-Aid. Lemon and lime drinks are often very nostalgic, so it’s no surprise that a plainer flavour like this is loved by Kool-Aid drinkers.

#9 Orange

Perhaps the most basic drink flavour on this list, Kool-Aid Orange is just as well-liked as Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime. We certainly think the nostalgia is kicking in for Kool-Aid fans with these two flavours, but they are exceptionally good choices for everyday household beverages. 

#10 Watermelon

Like grape-flavoured things, watermelon flavouring is also super popular in America. Watermelon isn’t just a summer flavour, but the sales for it do ramp up around that time because watermelons are ripe to be picked in the summer. Kool-Aid Watermelon doesn’t rely on fresh watermelon produce, which thankfully means that you can buy it all year round!