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Candy Corn is an extremely popular brand of American candy, most often seen around Halloween and Christmas. The Fall and Winter seasons are both related to these colorful treats, but there must be some reason beyond the pumpkin colour tones that we always see Candy Corn this time of year. 

Many Americans seem to have a love-hate relationship with this brand. Either they love Candy Corn or they can’t stand it and it leaves them wondering why it’s such a popular treat. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, we’re here to shed some light on the history of these triangular candies.  

What is Candy Corn?

Featuring sugar as one of the primary ingredients (though we’re sure we don’t need to tell you that), Candy Corn is a tri-toned piece of candy that is most commonly seen featuring yellow, orange, and white as its colours. Sometimes, they’ll be special variations of the candy, such as those that are Christmas themed or Easter themed. 

Considering the time of year, with Christmas looming upon us once more, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the holiday variations of Candy Corn making their way into the carts of American shoppers.This other type of Candy Corn is usually white, red, and green, rather than the Fall-themed original version. 

Though Candy Corn has a smooth appearance, if you look closer you can actually see a faint waxy texture on the surface of the sweet. This, along with its subtle vanilla and honey flavour, make it a good candy to just have lying around. It’s not particularly special or complex, but that’s what makes a candy good, sometimes, right? Just simplicity. 

Why Candy Corn became popular

There are a couple of things that turned this regular supermarket shelf candy into a popular Fall staple. Sometime around the 1950s, with the increase of Trick or Treaters and candy being used as a treat for those visitors, homeowners started handing out Candy Corn. The colour of the candy played a huge part in this decision when people would buy candy, because they likely wanted to get into the spirit of the holiday and there weren’t many options for that when looking for appropriate candy to give to children.

There was also increased advertising of the candy around this time of year. Advertising is a very powerful tool, and these targeted seasonal ads would have enticed more people into buying Candy Corn.

Much later, The National Confectioners Association would choose October 30th as “National Candy Corn Day”. 

It might feel silly to know that the colour of the candy and a bit of advertising is what caused Candy Corn to become so popular around the later months of the year, but if you compare it to the Pumpkin Spice hype, it’s not so different.