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The infamous month for vegan diets is coming to a swift close and with record-breaking sales of vegan food products, it’s been pretty cool to see all of the new alternatives this month. The majority of these will stay, though some brands will dial back what they have on offer. The tricky part of Veganuary the last few years has been finding decent vegan candy and chocolate that doesn’t taste like inexpensive off-brand sweets. 

The UK seems to be running full steam ahead with vegan sweets the last couple of years, which is amazing, provided that you know where to look. Thankfully, most supermarkets now stock a good number of vegan brands in their free-from aisles, and Holland & Barrett have a great selection, too.

The trouble is when we start looking at international candy that is imported into the UK. Not everywhere uses the same meticulous product labeling we do here, which makes it really hard to tell what’s vegan and what’s not… Unless you’re willing to email companies directly or do some extensive Googling. 

Now, bear in mind, not all of the brands we’ll mention here are American. We’re looking to give you some alternative products that you can look for outside of the brands we can easily find in our free-from selections! 


Interestingly, BUBS are from created by a Swedish family who has been making candy for almost 30 years. These are fun sweets, often two-toned to make way for delicious flavour combinations that you’ll love to test out! A common one to see is their raspberry and blueberry flavour, which is a delightful version for first-time BUBS triers. 

They’re completely free from animal products and great for fans of retro sweets who enjoy things like foam bananas and other squishy candies that you might find in a Pick ‘n’ Mix stand. They aren’t readily available in our UK stores, but you might find them in shops that import candy or on Vegan candy websites. 


Although they’re red in colour, which is usually a huge no-no for anyone looking for candy that doesn’t contain animal products, Twizzlers don’t have carmine or any other non-vegan additives. 

In fact, these twisted chewy ropes are low-fat, have no animal products in their ingredients, and are as fun for kids to eat as they are for adults. 

Jolly Ranchers

For a jolly good time, anyone following or trying a vegan diet will be happy to know that they can eat any of the original flavours of Jolly Ranchers. Jus the original flavours, though! Don’t go eating any of the others without checking in with the ingredients and other vegans in the know. 

Mamba Fruit Chews

Is there anything more refreshing than a fruit-flavoured chew while you’re gaming or chilling out on the soft with your friends? Mamba’s Fruit Chews are vegan-friendly and great for sharing because there are 24 of them in each pack. 

Or eat them all yourself, we won’t tell anyone. 

Sour Patch Kids

A more “traditionally” American candy, Sour Patch Kids is often suggested as a Halloween treat but they’re also eaten every day by kids in the States. The company that manufactures the candy is Mondelex International, which is an American confectionery company (among other things, considering they also produce beverages and snack food). 

This brand of candy has been around so long and has been so popular that you can even find it in UK supermarkets. Amazon stocks them, as do Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s. What a world we live in! 

We cannot certify that any of these listed confectionaries are vegan. For more information, contact their respective companies.